Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and is the third largest in the UK. It is well known for its architectural beauty, so why not buy a professionally designed automatic gate to add some architectural beauty to your home.

Automatic gates in Glasgow, Scotland can be installed  in your home quickly and efficiently by our company. Below are the many reasons why people want an automatic gate;

  • Great first impression
  • Increase house value
  • Increased safety and security
  • Children and pets are safe behind the gates
  • Convenient access

The security and safety of automatic gates

People’s needs to have security and safety in the home has risen considerably in the last few years. Security and safety is key in this economy, it is important that we protect all our assets from theft and vandalism. Here are several reasons why an electric driveway gate can benefit your home’s safety:

  • An electric gate closes automatically behind you meaning you don’t have to get out of your car to manually shut your automatic gate (they are extremely hard to move without use of your automatic gate remote or by using your personal bypass key to manually open the gate)
  • Steel and iron are extremely strong, robust metals and meaning they are extremely hard to break through or damage
  • Electric or automatic gates come with an intercom placed outside the driveway in order for visitors to speak through the intercom which will allow them to gain access with your permission at the press of a button from inside your home
  • Children and pets are unable to leave the grounds when the gates are shut
  • An automatic gate will  immediately halt if there is any object in its way, protecting people and cars

Why are automatic gates convenient and practical?

Gate transmitter remotes for your automatic gate can have a range of up to 100 meters if required therefore, there is no need to leave your car to open the swing gates. If you lose your gate fob you can easily have it replicated  by Abbeygates. In addition, you can have as many key fobs as you require for your family etc.

Automatic Gates Glasgow