Your farm needs security for many reasons. We can provide this extra security for you with heavy duty sliding or swing farm gates that can be automated on request. Automated or electric gates have an eye placed a few metres away from your gate, this senses your car and opens automatically to let you exit the grounds. An automatic gate is perfect for a farm as the eye sensor can only detect metallic surfaces, this means that your animals or children are safetly kept behind the gates.

Being in the farm industry may mean that you may have to open and shut your gates manually over 20 times a day. For a more convenient way of securely leaving and entering your property, have an expertly designed automatic gate installed.

From measuring to design work, this is what our highly skilled team at Abbeygates do so you don’t have to;

  • Free call outs for measuring and estimates
  • Design the gate that suits your property by assessing security needs, type of material, wether it should be sliding, swinging or automated (although we welcome your own bespoke designs as well)
  • Manufacture the gate of choice
  • Galvanize to prevent rusting
  • Paint with waterproof paints to prevent weathering
  • Provide automation to give you more security and convenience
  • All ground work included in price
  • Provide you with a 3 year guarantee