Abbey Gates supplies high quality, custom made safety handrails and guardrails for all areas in, and surrounding Glasgow, Greenock and Ayrshire, Scotland. Whether you require safety hand-rails to be attached to steps or placed around certain areas of your garden, we can provide you with a stylish safety handrail. The high demand for safety handrails & guardrails is due to Scotland’s reputation for bad weather, which can be anything from high-winds, rain or snow.

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Reasons for having safety handrails & guardrails fitted

  • To keep you stable during high winds, heavy rains, icy, snowy or sleet covered grounds
  • If you own a centre such as a care homes for the elderly, a hospital or a rehabilitation unit, safety handrails & guardrails are ideal to keep your patients safe when walking about your grounds
  • To increase your house value and provide added style to your home and garden
  • If you have a new walkway or staircase fitted inside or outside your home

Why choose safety handrails & guardrails from Abbey gates?

  • Our gates are hand crafted from high quality metal
  • Our handrails can be produced in a variety of designs and finishes, allowing them to look “at home”, anywhere from your front door to your garden path.
  • We offer a galvanizing and weather proof paint finish to eliminate damage by weathering. This means the handrail/guardrail will always be smooth
  • We have a range of designs for you to choose form in our catalog
  • We welcome your bespoke, custom designs
  • We have an efficient service and offer a free call-out to your premises very quickly

For safety handrails and guardrails at a work premises, as a general rule, any unprotected edge of a walkway platform, staircase or other raised area from which a person may fall more than 0.5 metres, must be fitted with a guardrail.  Abbey Metal’s handrails & guardrails are designed to provide safety and give assurance for users of staircases and walkways. We supply handrails not only to complement our staircases, platform and other similar structures.