Commercial security bars & grilles

Invest in securing your shop with quality, stylish wrought iron bars & grilles

One look at a well secured property, and criminals usually move on to easier pickings. 

Why install Security Grills?

Security grills can be anything from door or window grills, that are made for security purposes. Security grills not only look great, but can discourage break-ins to your home or commercial property. In Scotland, 80% of burglaries are opportunist, by installing bespoke security grills you, are taking away the open window making your home or business more secure.

From a security angle – potential burglars, vandals and arsonists consider windows and doors to be the weakest points of a building and will therefore try to gain access through them into your premises. However, there is a solution, our security grills can provide the ideal security solution for your residence, business premises or factory.

All our grills are custom-made to your measurements and you can be assured that they will be expertly built and fitted with minimum  disruption to your property or area of business.

  • Free measurement & quote
  • Bespoke design for all budgets
  • Rust proof, galvanised wrought iron metal 
  • Available in a range of styles & colours
  • Installation included

Insurance companies like security grills – why?

It’s simple, insurance companies consider security grills to be one of the best forms of property protection available. A well secured door or window seems less risky to insurance companies as it probably means they wont have to pay out, and this means lower premiums for you!