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Driveway Gates East Dunbartonshire

Metal, Electric & Automatic Gates

Abbey Gates offers a fully comprehensive service for electric gates throughout West Dunbartonshire. We complete all work from measuring and designing to fabrication and fitting, so your gate will be bespoke and created with your needs and vision in mind. 

Electric gates offer several advantages over manual opening gates. The main reason for automatic gates is that you do not have to leave your vehicle when entering your property.

It also gives you complete control over who comes in with an intercom and key fobs or ID cards for those you want to grant access to.

For those wanting privacy from a driveway gate in West Dunbartonshire, the main reason for automation is it allows you to keep your gate closed at all times without inconvenience. We highly recommend composite gates to those who need a gate that completely blocks people from seeing into the property.

Electric Driveway Gates in West Dunbartonshire

Composite Gates

Composite gates are growing in popularity in West Dunbartonshire and offer security, privacy and a sleek and distinguished look. They are also much lighter than steel or iron gates making them more suitable for automatic gates.

These gates are made of a mix of metal and wood panels. The main structure of the gate is metal, commonly aluminium making a solid frame for security. 

The front is panels of wood which are long-lasting and strong. They commonly last 40 to 50 years and are painted and treated to avoid rot and mould.

Sliding Electric Gates

How your electric gate can open will be discussed with you when our engineer visits the property in West Dunbartonshire to measure. You may be able to have it open inwards to your property or outwards if the area belongs to you. However, a sliding or bifold gate may be best if this is not an option.

These gates slide open to the side of the entranceway. Sliding gates move seamlessly to the side, and bifold gates fold away, making the most of limited space.  

Electric Gate Intercoms

Intercoms come in several shapes and sizes for domestic and commercial use. Domestic intercoms are available with voice or video; choose a key code, buzzer and key fobs. A sensor is also an option, allowing people to leave freely but restricting entry.

Commercial properties may prefer an ID card entry for employees to control and record who comes in and out. Our electrician can come and install power to new and existing gates. They will also wire the intercom on the gate and the receiver in your desired location on the property.

Palisade Gates

Palisade gates fit into two categories: industrial and domestic. They differ in appearance significantly, as well as materials and style.

At the heart of palisade electric gates is security. These are strong barriers with sharp tops to prevent entry without authorisation.

Industrial properties in West Dunbartonshire usually opt for steel fencing with an automatic gate. These are usually designed for security and painted with anti-climb paint.

Some commercial or private properties may want good security but a decorative look for their palisade electric gates.

Abbey Gates has specialist designers to provide a distinguished gate in the scroll style that provides strong security. These are often powder-coated steel or wrought iron with pointed decorative tops.

Scroll Gates

Scroll gates are most commonly used as garden gates and are beautifully designed with curved decorative edges and tops. They don’t provide as high security as composite or palisade gates. However, they can be incorporated with palisade tops to improve security.

Commercial Electric Gates West Dunbartonshire

Commercial fencing and electric gates are used throughout West Dunbartonshire in industrial estates and rural properties for security. We provide steel palisade electric gates on a large scale to our commercial customers.

These automatic gates remove the need for a staffed entry gate and offer security for your goods and property.

Do electric gates use a lot of electricity?

An inactive electric gate uses about 100 watts a day. There is a small burst of extra electricity when it opens and closes, around 600-700 watts, but this is short-lived. Overall consumption is similar to a lightbulb.


Why Choose Abbeygates for driveway gates & fencing?

  • We are a trusted, Scottish company
  • We offer free consultation visits to your home to give you advice and quotes
  • We carefully design a range of different driveway gates to suit your specifications
  • Our experienced and highly qualified team have over 35 years of experience in manufacturing and installing metal swinging and sliding driveway gates
  • We specialise in driveway gate automation systems which can be added to your new or existing gate
  • We can help you create your bespoke designs and have a large catalogue of driveway gate designs to choose from
  • We offer a galvanizing service to give a high-quality, lasting finish that ensures your driveway gates are not prone to weathering
  • We do not deal with subcontractors as all our work is done only by our team
  • Our gates come with a 3-year guarantee

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We have undertaken work across West Dunbartonshire including the following locations:

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  • Bonhill
  • Bowling
  • Clydebank
  • Dalmuir
  • Dumbarton
  • Duntocher
  • Gartocharn
  • Old Kilpatrick

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