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Garden Arches

The Abbeygates team are highly skilled in metal craftsmanship and are able to create a simple or ornate garden arches or pergola to be your gardens focal point.

You may want your arch to be the focal point of your garden or the entrance. We have a portfolio of designs ranging from simple, minimalistic styles to grand and ornate  garden arches, specially used for weddings. If you require further information about buying or renting a wedding arch, please see our page on this.

These are the steps we take to create beautiful archways:

  • Organize a free call-out or phone call to plan the design (we accept bespoke designs), size and cost
  • Start the crafting process with the metal of your choice, heat it to a high temperature then proceed to manipulate it into a sturdy, yet ornate design
  • Hot-dip galvanize the metal to create a layer of protection from rusting and accidental damage
  • Use a primer paint after the galvanizing process to ensure the paint goes on evenly
  • Paint the new garden or wedding arch with a high gloss, anti-flaking coloured paint of your choice

These stunning Garden Arches by Abbey Metal will certainly add the wow factor to your garden. A traditional arch with classic metalwork detailing, will look fabulous in any setting on it’s own or as a pair to create a covered walk way.¬† This arch features detailed side panels which are ideal for supporting Roses, Clematis and other vigorous climbing plants.