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What is Blacksmithing?

              Blacksmithing is the process of shaping iron when it is exposed to very high temperatures. Iron is a ductile, grey, relatively soft metal and is a moderately good conductor of heat and electricity….

Benefits of Having an Automatic Gate

              Automatic Gates Glasgow Abbey Gates in Glasgow install automatic gates that range from simple door entry systems to more complex systems that are secure, reliable and convenient.  We can also supply and install…

How to Maintain Your Iron Gates

A beautiful set of iron gates can instantly improve the look of a property and increase its resale value – but only if the gates are in good condition and well cared for. Iron is prone to rust,which can be…

The Many Uses for Wrought Iron

  At Abbey Gates, we appreciate the beauty of wrought iron, and we use it to create a stunning selection of gates for both residential and commercial properties. However, this strong yet pliable material is perfect for so many applications….

The Benefits of New Gates

              When it comes to improving the exterior of your home, there are many things you can do such as giving your house a new coat of paint, making sure your garden is kept…

Put Your Fears at Ease with Security Gates

When it comes to protecting your home, many things can be utilised, including installing alarms and CCTV cameras. Some people like to install beautifully designed and crafted gates on the perimeter of their property, as strong and secure gates often…

Keeping Your Home Secure with Sliding Gates

Once you close your front door, you should feel completely safe and comfortable in your home. However, one issue that can affect homeowners and renters alike, and one that many people do not take enough steps to prevent, is burglary….