Automatic Driveway Gates in North Ayrshire

Abbey Gates provides full automatic gate services in North Ayrshire, including domestic and commercial entrances.

Automatic gates offer you convenience and security. Gates add a distinguished look and security to a property, but they are often left open because it is inconvenient to leave your car and operate a manual gate.

Metal Driveway Gates North Ayrshire

Leaving your gate open even for only part of the day reduces your security and allows members of the public to see in and possibly enter your private property.

The entrance will only be open for a few minutes with an electric gate. You, your family or your employees will not be inconvenienced, and your privacy and security are assured.

Our gates come in a variety of styles and materials. Allow us to custom design your driveway or garden gates using wood, metal, or composites. In the metal department, we offer aluminium, steel, and wrought iron. You can also combine multiple materials in a single design.

What Type of Electric Gate is Best?

Most people have an idea in mind for their electric gates. How they should look, and what they can do for them and their property. Our engineer will come to your property and meet with you to discuss your options. They can offer you a catalogue of gates or design one according to your wishes.

The engineer will advise you on using the space you have and help you choose the material and style that best suits your purpose and property.

Driveway Gates

The most common type of domestic electric gate is a driveway gate. Manual gates are inconvenient for those who take a car through regularly.

This means that most people leave their gates open most of the time to avoid getting in and out of their car to open and close them. Leaving gates open eliminates the security and privacy offered by driveway gates.

Electric Security Gates North Ayrshire

Keeping your gates closed and restricting entry to only a few people offers a significant upgrade in security itself.

We can provide elegantly designed steel and wrought iron palisade automatic gates for additional protection. This type of gate is mostly metal bars and pointed tops but can also include decorative designs and be powder coated for an elegant appearance.

This blend of security and a stunning appearance make these gates one of the most popular types in North Ayrshire properties.

Composite Gates For Privacy

Increasingly, homeowners in North Ayrshire are looking for security and privacy from their driveway gates. Composite gates can offer a metal structure and wooden panels on the front. These block anyone outside from seeing in through the electric gate.

Composite gates are also lighter than conventional gates and, therefore, easier and smoother to automate. We can also add an extra layer of security by placing pointed palisade tops on composite gates if needed.

Composite gates are robust but lighter than steel or wrought iron. This makes them much easier to automate, reduces the amount of electricity needed, and provides a faster and smoother opening.

North Ayrshire Gates Review

Commercial Gates North Ayrshire

Both industrial and commercial properties in North Ayrshire can benefit from the additional security and privacy offered by electric gates.

Commercial automatic gates allow you to protect your staff and inventory on your property. We can provide an enhanced intercom package with ID cards, video intercoms and remote access for commercial customers.

If you are upgrading your security, we can also install matching palisade or composite fencing for your property.

Folding and Sliding Gates

Do you want electric gates for your property but aren’t sure how to manage the space or shape of your property entrance? You might think that a sloping driveway or limited space for a gate to move make an electric gate impossible, but there are several options for these situations.

A folding gate is ideal if you are limited by space at the side, front, or back. The gate folds away when opened, keeping away from blocking public highways.

If you have more space at the side, a sliding gate is an excellent way to make the most of it. A sliding gate can slide to the side as one or split into two sides. The effect is elegant and best for those with properties that open out onto public roads or pathways.

Ornate Garden Gates

Not all gates are for high security or privacy. Often you want to control access to part of your property. A decorative electric gate is ideal for well-kept gardens and properties with public and private spaces. We provide automatic entry gates for parks, gardens and hotels.

You can choose the level of security, but commonly a scroll gate will suffice. Scroll garden gates are made of thinner metal, have decorative curls and designs and are available in various colours. These gates are easy to automate, and we can provide key fobs and buzzers to allow access to those who need it.

Areas We Serve In North Ayrshire

We have undertaken work across North Ayrshire including the following locations:

  • Irvine
  • Kilwinning
  • Saltcoats
  • Largs
  • Ardrossan
  • Stevenston
  • Kilbirnie
  • Beith
  • Dalry
  • West Kilbride
  • Millport/Bute
  • Arran

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