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Paints & Coatings

Galvanizing and powder coating your new gate will not only add the essential finishing touch of style, but also ensure your gates durability against weathering and accidental damage.

Galvanizing provides the best protection against rust and damage by coating the iron or steel with a thin layer of zinc by passing it through a molten bath at a temperature of 460°C.  When exposed to this atmosphere, the zinc reacts with oxygen to form zinc oxide which then reacts further with carbon dioxide to form zinc carbonate.  This creates a strong material that stops corrosion by protecting the steel below from the elements which cause rusting.

Powder-coating is done with thermoplastic or thermoset polymer powder. These materials are bond together with all types of base metals to give high quality results. The process of powder-coating starts with wire brushing, sanding and solvent cleaning of our quality steel or iron gates and railings. We then use a compressed air sprayer which electrostatically charges the powder material so that it sticks to the grounded base metal object receiving the coating. We then cure the metal to seal the object, which means heating it in an oven at 350 to 375 degree for 15 minutes.

How we paint our gates:

  • Thoroughly clean the gate surface
  • Sand the surface of the gate to provide a smooth, even surface
  • Apply two coats of primer
  • Paint the entire surface of the gate
  • Add any other specified colors (gold, silver etc) on to finials, spears or other gate decor you have requested

A metal primer is added onto the metal before the painting process as metal is extremely prone to the effects of oxidisation.  It also  provides a smooth, matte surface for the paint to go on, this ensures not flaking or peeling occurs. Metal paint is then applied to the metal surface.  This paint has anti-corrosive properties, while providing excellent durability, long lasting protection from weathering and an even high gloss finish.