If you have had automatic or electric gates installed and they need repair, Abbey Gates is more than able to service or repair your gate even though it wasn’t installed by our company.

Our workforce has over 40 years’ experience in the installation, servicing & repair of all types of electric, sliding and wrought iron gates. Abbey Gates can service or repair your gates to run as smoothly & reliably as when they were first installed.
Our engineers are fully trained in mobile welding & carry all the necessary tools on board to diagnose any problems you may have with your automatic gate system.

If your gate system is old & becoming unreliable, our team is happy to refurbish your automatic gates by using the existing cabling and  simply replacing or fixing the automation system giving you a reliable &  3 year warranted gate system. Whether your gates have been accidentally damaged or have just stopped working we are here to help. Whatever type of electric gates you have installed, ranging from automated barriers to electric double gates, we offer a quick response service.

What we can do:

  • Repair all types of automated gates and barriers
  • repair or replace existing automation components
  • provide a fast and reliable service

We carry a large selection of stock items, which enables us to affect a repair on-site. If a faulty part is beyond repair & needs to be ordered, it will be sent next day delivery and promptly booked in for fitment. We can automate existing manual gates to become Automated & EN compliant, as well as meeting the new HSE (Health & Safety Executive) laws on electric gate safety.

Automated gate tips

  • Clean the gates every few months
  • Have your gates galvanized to eliminate rusting
  • Grease or lubricate your gates every few months
  • Clean the eye sensor

Follow these tips and your automatic gates will last years.
Call us now on 01294 835294 if your automated or electric gate needs repairing.