Electric gates are an easy way to ensure the security of your property and can be used for all sized openings.  Electric gates are now becoming more commonplace at the moment.  For those who find the security of their premises (be it residential or commercial) important, electric gates are the way to go. There is a decrease in the cost of electric gate kits and their installation.

electric gates

Electric Gate Option


electric gates

Articulated arm gate operators are mounted on the gate posts and use an extended arm to reach around the post to the gate. When viewed from the outside the arms usually blend in with the gate and it becomes difficult to see that the gate is automated. Articulated Gate Arms were introduced as an economical and adaptable gate automation solution. These gate operators overcome most electric gate installation problems which previously prevented the automation of some gates, particularly those hung on large gate posts. Electro-mechanical gate motors fitted with an articulated gate arms allow the flexible positioning of the gate motor unit away from the gate hinges


electric gates

Situated at ground level by each gatepost, underground operators are ideally suited to gates up to a maximum of 4m wide per leaf, suitable for residential and commercial gates. When maintenance is necessary the operator can simply be removed from the foundation box without removing the gate leaf.


electric gates

If space is an issue or the driveway behind the gates is on a steep incline, a better option is a sliding gate. Sliding gates are also very popular in a commercial environment. Sliding gates are also used for cantillever gate systems.

Electric Gate History

The first commercial electric gate systems were hydraulic and designed for reliability and ease of use. The cost of the hydraulic systems however meant that other companies started producing more affordable electromechanical alternatives. Hydraulic motors are preferable on large and heavy gates. A number of larger manufacturers now produce both hydraulic and electromechanical systems providing unbiased choice for customers.

The Electric Gate Motor

The backbone of any electric gate, whether automatic or not, is the electric gate motor, two distinct motor types exist hydraulic, or electromechanical. This is the electric device which actually enables the electric gate to open and close without having to manually push the gate. All types of electric gates and barriers make use of a motor of some kind.

Electric Gate Safety

An automated gate that has not been fitted with safety in mind can potentially become a major hazard particularly to untrained users. At Abbey gates we make sure that your gates meet the highest of European or American safety standards.

Gate and Security

Electric gates are recommended to be used in combination with other security features to install a full security system. A few of these features are closed circuits with security cameras, electronic keycards and keypads.
Aside from the additional security features that should go with parking barrier gates, electric security gates often offer safety features like sensors that determine when there is an obstruction to prevent the electronic gate from swinging into a vehicle or closing or person.

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