Wrought Iron has been used for centuries, it is the one of the strongest metals and the most common element forming on the planet, so why not make use of what dominates the earths core by purchasing a beautifully crafted iron garden gate.
Wrought iron is one of the strongest metals in the world, out-doing copper and wood by miles. For this reason, security is heightened and risk of damage from bad weather or accidental damage are greatly decreased.
Abbey Gates experienced craftsmen design, manufacture and install all our gates and can also help you create your own bespoke designs. Once the gate has been crafted, we will then galvanize it’s surface. Galvanizing is a process that covers every inch of the gate in a protective zinc coating to avoid rusting and damage. A primer is added on top of the zinc coat to ensure our high gloss paint goes on evenly and doesn’t flake off the metal.
So why call Abbey Gates for a Price Quote?

  • No matter what your driveway’s shape or size is, we can create a design to suit your home’s style and colour
  • Abbey Gates offers a free call-out service to measure your driveway or garden perimeter and generate a price for our service.
  • We are experts in automating gates as well, providing a convenient and secure
  • Our expert crafstmen have been manufacturing gates for over 25 years, ensuring you have a timely, high standard service
  • We are also experts at automating gates
  • We offer a range of fabrication services such as gate restoration, welding and sculpting
  • Abbeygates keep up to date with their competitors prices, giving you the best rate with the best service and craftsmanship.

To arrange a free call-out service to your home with one of our friendly advisers call us now on 01505 – 615425

Iron Garden Gates