Wrought Iron Garden Gates

A wrought iron garden gate can greatly enhance the appearance and security of your home. However, you might be in a unsure about choosing a gate- what type of gate is suitable? Here are certain tips for helping you choose the right gate for right impression and of course, ultimate safety

Oxford Metal Gate Design
  • If the driveway width is 10ft or more, then the gate should be strong enough to span that distance. A wrought iron gate is held together by welds and is extremely strong at the joints. Wooden gates are susceptible to sagging because of the weight. Metal gates can last for years providing they are secured by posts or strong pillars.
  • Refer to our Gate Design Page and decide what style you would like and how much you would like to spend. You can also make up your own design and we will make up something to your specification or give you suitable suggestions.
  • Decide whether you want the gate to open manually or whether you would prefer automatic gates. A bracket has to be attached to the gate if you want an automatic gate opener.
  • Decide on the finish you require on your gates. Garden gates, railings and handrails which are exposed to extreme weather conditions can be galvanised for extra protection.