A beautiful set of expertly crafted iron gates not only gives a great first impression, but has many other advantages as well. If you are wondering whether to purchase a wooden, plastic or iron gate, read below to find out how iron gates are a better purchase.

  • Iron is a tough metal and is much more durable than wood and plastics used for gates
  • Iron gates can withstand harsh climatic conditions
  • Unlike wooded gates, iron gates cannot be bored into by insects, which not only looks unsightly, but can lead to severe damage
  • Iron gates do not require maintenance and can be cleaned very easily with water. However, wooden gates need to be treated every 6 months to prevent any climatic damage
  • Iron gates are more cost effective as they last very long and do not require the gate owner to frequently buy treatments and paints which they would have to if they purchased a wooden driveway gate
  • Iron gates can be purchased at a range of prices. Simple designs will cost less than grand and ornate styles, so they really can adhere to all budgets.
  • Iron gates can be molded or ‘casted’ to bespoke styles of your choice
  • Iron gates are a tougher material than the likes of wood and plastic, therefore they are more suitable for securing your home
  • Iron gates increase your property value
Benefits of Iron Gates