We have been working as blacksmiths in Glasgow for 35 years and during that time we have been involved in decorative metalwork, cast iron, railings, stair railings and wrought ironwork.
We have a wide experience of cast iron welding, cast iron repair and specialised welding.  Our blacksmith work is carried out for architects, developers, artists, Historic Scotland, English Heritage, The national Trust and domestic clients. We provide free advice and quotations and we travel within Central Scotland.  We also manufacture metal gates, metal railings and bespoke ironwork.
Having such a depth of knowledge in and coded welding experience we can tackle any work  not only as blacksmiths and steel fabricators, but also aluminum welding and fabrication and we work with stainless steel fabrication. As part of our varied steelwork services we can also install automatic gates and electric gates with intercom services.


Working in partnership with metal plating companies we can produce galvanised gates with matching galvanised railings.  Our mobile welding services cover Central Scotland and we can quote any metalwork from drawings and pictures either emailed or posted.  As part of our services we can also sandblast gates and railings and we are a specialized railing painting contractor, carrying out full welding repairs if required.
We can manufacture steel brackets, metal grilles, wrought iron gates, security cages along with steel burning and steel demolition and steel removal services.  Estate gates and large gates can be very expensive and sometimes people scrap driveway gates and railings when they can be repaired effectively and at a small cost. Metal sculpture and metal art projects can be undertaken by our skilled blacksmiths and metalworkers throughout Central Scotland.