When it comes to protecting your home, many things can be utilised, including installing alarms and CCTV cameras. Some people like to install beautifully designed and crafted gates on the perimeter of their property, as strong and secure gates often act as a deterrent.

Terrified Villagers

However, no matter how many precautions one takes and how many security measures are installed in and around one’s property, there may be no deterring some burglars. Villagers in Cold Norton in Essex have been left frightened and worried after balaclava-wearing thieves stole thousands of pounds’ worth of jewellery from a home in the village.
The two thieves broke their way in through a side door of the property and stole jewellery, including two Rolex watches and an engagement ring said to be worth at least £10,000.
Cold Norton resident Roger Lawson stated that crime is becoming a growing problem in the area, and added, “The owners of some of these houses have CCTV and good home security, yet they’re still hit. The crooks around here are getting more and more confident. My sympathies go out to all those who’ve suffered this crime; I hope all parties receive justice.”

Concern for Safety

Another resident of the village, Jane Jones, said, “It’s quite chilling to have aggressive burglaries like this take place so close to you. You feel for the victims, yet also fear for your own safety. I hope that police will take a look at this and attempt to find ways to better prevent it and deal with the aftermath.”
A resident of the nearby village of Maryland also spoke out about how his farm shed had been broken into recently. Burglars smashed the doors of the shed and stole whatever they could find, including tools and toolboxes. The resident added, “They cut through padlocks on our gate and got into the shed.”

Protecting Your Property

While some burglars cannot be deterred, the vast majority will be put off if they see that homeowners have been proactive in protecting their property. Here at Abbey Gates, we understand the importance of security around a home, and we are experts when it comes to creating gates that will not only protect your home but will also look beautiful.
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