On the 2nd of September 2010, the Health and Safety Executive encouraged all installers, designers, maintenance firms and manufacturers of electronic gates that there is new safety advice.

“Electronic or automatic gates are designed to stop if someone gets in the way, and installers and those maintaining these gates have a real duty to ensure this happens.They must take their responsibilities seriously to make sure that anti-crushing, shearing and trapping safety protection devices are correctly set and maintained.”

HSE’s Director of Field Operations

Below are just some of the things manufacturing and installers of automatic gates will have to do:

  • Consider who will be around the gate, if the general public frequently access the gate, additional precautions are necessary
  • Create safe distances between the wall and the gate post – this is to ensure no adult or child can fit through this space in order to press the gate opening button from inside the property. This is a very important structural precaution, as the gate starts to open, the gap in which someone could fit their body or limb to press the button reduces gradually, resulting in life threatening injuries.  Therefore, there should not be a gap made big enough for anyone’s limbs or body to get through
  • Place the gate keypad (used for opening the gate from the inside) far enough away from the gate in order to eliminate any member of the public trying to reach the keypad from the outside
  • Install sensitive protective equipment that will stop the gate opening when someone is present within the gates opening path
  • Ensure the eye sensors are maintained
  • Ensure clients and residents know how to safely enter and exit the building

If you require any more information on installing gates safely, please see the health and safety site;

Automatic Gates – Safety