Investing in Automatic Gates
‘Automatic’ or ‘Electric’ gates for your driveway are definitely worth the investment. They provide security, style and convenience for your home.
It is important that we protect our assets from theft and vandalism now more than ever during the recession. An electric gate closes automatically behind you as you leave your property which allows you to exit without having to get out of your vehicle and manually shut the gate behind you. This can be very useful for commercial properties such as farms, estates or companies that need extra secure entrances as people and vehicles are always entering and exiting the building throughout the day.
After your gate has shut, the gate cannot be opened fully without your personal gate remote of bypass key to manually open the gate. Children and pets are kept safely behind the gates and access from visitors can only be achieved by pressing a button from inside your house, ensuring complete security.
How do Electric automatic gates work?
Electric gates require a motor which allows them to open and shut automatically without having to manually open and shut the gate.
The first electrics gates where made with hydraulic systems, but now there are other methods such as electromechanical systems. Hydraulic systems generate very high levels of force and are best used for larger, heavier gates such as commercial or estate gates.
Electromechanical systems are more cost effective and can be used reliably for domestic installations.
A sensor eye is placed a a few metres before your gate (on the inside of your property) in order for you to exit without leaving your car. However, if you are outside of your property and wanting to enter, you will have to use your personalized gate remote to enter, or enter your keypad password to gain access.

Automatic Electric Gates