Have you got or even found a gate that needs freshening up? If so, Abbeygates can help by refinishing your gate. More often than not, a gate repair can be achieved on site. But in some cases, where the gate has been severely damaged, we will have to take it to the workshop to repair. We will make a visit and assess the damaged iron gate, or gates, and make a decision from there. We also realign old gates.
Whether your gate needs welding or additional work we can re-weld hinge blocks, fit new locks, re-weld scrolls and bars. We have the facility to do all work on site or in our workshop.
It’s important to keep your gate it in the best possible shape and our gate repair service is a simple way of keeping your gate intact. Abbey Gates repair service is used to dealing with the British weather and keeping gates protected and working. We carry out gate upgrades, replacements, modifications, repairs and cleaning, or as you require.  We can also collect your wrought iron gates, remove all the paint and rust and hot-dip galvanise them in molten zinc to British Standard 729. This ensures maximum protection for your gates. Painting over rust is a waste of time and money, the rust will re-appear in weeks! Allowing us to restore and rustproof them will not only save you money, but will ensure a longer life-span for your gates.
If you have a rusty old gate that you think it is worth preserving for the future – please give us a call on 01294 835294 or email us some images for a restoration quote because we’d love to help.
Our technical team are more than happy to help, why not contact us to see how we can turn your tired looking gates in to something that you can be proud of?

Iron Gate Repairs & Restoration