Abbeygates is well known for creating high quality gates and railings at competitive prices. We can design, manufacture and install your estate gates in just a week after coming out for a free call out to measure your driveway and generate a quote. As well as designing, manufacturing and installing domestic and commercial driveway gates, we can also provide gates for estate grounds. Having a gate installed for your estate heightens security for your beloved grounds and increases the safety for your children and animals.
Estate gates are usually grand and ornate in style, but we can adhere to the simplest of designs that you may request.  A range of period and modern styles can be manufactured with the colour of your choice. Taking advantage of our free call out service, you can look at our brochure for ideas on many styles, or create your own bespoke design with our help. From ornamental plaques to modern art deco spires, our estate gates can only compliment your homes value,style and colour scheme.
If you would like your gate to remain UN-automated, your gates will still have reliable security as they will have a locking system and will be durable enough to withstand most accidental damage. If you decide to have your gates automated to improve convenience, we will install an intercom and key-pad system which will allow you to communicate with a visitor outside the grounds and then can only you can let them in at the push of a button from the inside of your home.
Safety and Function
Automated or electric gates have an eye-sensor placed a few metres away from your gate, this senses your car and opens automatically to let you exit the grounds. An automatic gate is perfect for a farm as the eye sensor can only detect metallic surfaces; this means that your animals or children are safely kept behind the gates.
All our metal gates are galvanized and painted to ensure longevity and durability. Galvanizing metal ensures that the material is rust proof, which can be very advantageous if your area is prone to bad weather. The process of galvanizing is to coat steel, iron and aluminium materials by dipping them in a molten bath of zinc at a very high temperature. After, the dipping process is complete; the zinc will react with oxygen to form zinc oxide, which will then react with carbon dioxide resulting in the creation of zinc carbonate. This creates a durable grey coat on the metal which will then be painted over with a colour of your choice.
The Installation Process

  1. Free call out to measure and generate an estimate
  2. Design the gate that suits your property by assessing security needs, type of material, whether it should be sliding, swinging or automated (although we welcome your own bespoke designs as well)
  3. Manufacture the gate of your choice
  4. Add additional decor such as signs, spires or balls if requested
  5. Galvanize to prevent rusting
  6. Paint with waterproof paint to prevent weathering
  7. Provide automation to give you more security and convenience
  8. All ground work included in price
  9. Provide you with a 3 year guarantee