Metal drive gates are becoming more popular in Scotland due to the need for security, safety and long lasting, durable products. Below, are some common questions people ask about metal drive gates.

What are metal drive gates?

Metal drive gates are designed, manufactured then installed at the exit and entrance point of your property. They have a locking system which means no one can walk into your grounds without your permission.
What are the benefits of purchasing a metal drive gate?

  • Steel and wrought iron is one of the strongest, most robust material on the planet. This means your gates have increased longevity and durability against weathering and accidental damage
  • Metal can be galvanized, which means they will not be susceptible to weather corrosion
  • You control who can access your property
  • Medium to high metal drive gates and railings provide a certain amount of coverage to your grounds, meaning your privacy is increased
  • Installing a pair of metal drive gates will increase your properties value
  • Installing a pair of metal drive gates will be aesthetically pleasing

You can choose from a range of designs or create your own bespoke designs (wrought iron is very malleable, which means it can be manipulated into artistic designs.

Can I automate my metal drive gates and if so what are the benefits?

Generally all gates can be automated and are beneficial for these reasons:

  • You alone have control over who accesses your property
  • Automatic gates come with a small remote which opens the gate at the click of a button
  • Automatic gates close behind you once you have left the property
  • They increase security and safety

Can my metal drive gates be automated at a later date?

Of course, even gates that we havn’t manufactured and installed can have an automation system installed.

Metal Drive Gates