Metal side gates are becoming increasingly popular in Scotland due to these five reasons:

  • They enhance privacy
  • Increase security
  • They give your home a lasting impression
  • Increase property value
  • Metal is durable and robust

Increased privacy
Medium to high garden gates provide a certain amount of coverage to your home and garden. A side garden gate with an intercom system stops anyone from walking into the grounds without your permission.
Increased security
No one can access your property if you have a garden side gate and railings without your permission. An intercom system can be provided which will allow your visitors to press a button on the intercom box which will alert you inside your home. After you find out (through speaking into the intercom) who the person is, you can then proceed outside to let them in. It is an excellent idea to introduce metal side gates and railings into your garden if you are worried about theft and vandalism in your area.
Abbeygates guarantees that your metal side gates will be of great quality and design. Our expert team have been metal fabricators for over 25 years, ensuring you get just what you want. We have a range of different styles from modern, to simplistic, to grand and ornate metal side gates. We even accept bespoke designs.
Why choose Abbeygates:

  • We will design, manufacture, galvanize, paint and install your gate aswell as doing all groundwork therefore there is no hassle
  • Each member of our team have been fabricating metal for over 25 years
  • We install automatic electric gates, voice and video intercom systems, buzzers and mail boxes
  • We offer a galvanizing and painting service

Feel free to call one of our friendly office staff on 01294 835294 for general information and to arrange a free call-out service to assess your premises for building, measure the area, decide on your preferred design and then give you your quote.

Metal Side Gates