Metal garden gates increase security, privacy and the value of your home. You can be sure your children and pets can play safely inside your grounds and no one can gain access unless you give them it.

So why choose metal garden gates for your home:

  • They increase your homes security as unwanted guests cannot gain access into your property without you alone un-locking the gate
  • They increase your privacy as they provide good coverage to your home
  • Metal garden gates are not only aesthetically pleasing, they will increase your house value
  • Children and pets can stay safely behind the garden gates when they are outside playing
  • Wrought iron is one of the strongest metals, this will prevent most accidental damage
  • Metal is the best material for creating garden gates. Wooden garden gates can be lovely, but they are susceptible to weathering, damage and discoloration

Abbey Metal’s garden gates are made out of wrought iron or steel and are designed and manufactured by our expert crafstmen who are proud to hold over 25 years experience in metal fabrication. We choose wrought iron or steel for the manufacture of metal garden gates as these materials are extremely strong and robust.

We can also galvanize your gates which is the process of dipping the metal in liquid zinc, this protects the metal from corrosion, accidental damage and rusting. We also paint our gates with a weather proof colour of your choice.

We are very experienced in automation at Abbeygates, this means your gates are more secure and provide you extra convenience when entering or exiting your property with the click of a button. An automatic gate system increases your privacy and protects your property as the gate can only be opened by you alone and whoever else you want to gain access (family or employees for example).

Call us now on 01294 835294 to speak to a friendly advisor about designing, manufacturing and installing a new garden gate for your property.

Why Choose Metal Garden Gates