Abbey Gates designs, manufactures and installs all types of gates and railings for your driveway and grounds. Please see below a few of our most used wrought iron gate designs or call one of our friendly staff on 01505 -615425 now to see our entire design portfolio

The use of wrought iron for decorative and security purposes goes back centuries. Wrought iron is an iron alloy with very low carbon content. It is very strong but malleable, that is why is used in some of the best structures in the world, including the Eiffel tower.
The design of any gate always starts with a well thought out plan. To design a gate our job will be to:

  • arrange a free call-out
  • Assess the best area for your driveway gate to go
  • Assess wither it should slide or swing to open
  • Measuring the dimensions and quote a price
  • Decide how you want your gate decorated (spires, paint colour etc)

After the gate has been designed and structured we will always recommend Galvanizing the wrought iron. What are the benefits of galvanizing and priming your new driveway gate?

  • Ensures your gates or railings give the best first impression
  • Saves you money as galvanized iron and steel has long lasting effects
  • This type of coating has a unique metallurgical structure which has a high resistance to damage, rusting or staining
  • Due to the object being ‘dipped’, the molten zinc is able to cover an entire surface without missing out hard-to-reach corners.
  • Molten zinc (unlike other coatings) has a surprisingly thick build up on the steel or iron object’s corners
  • Priming the galvanized coat is necessary, this ensures the paint goes on evenly and is resistant to peeling

Abbeygates’ highly trained crafstmen will take care of all it takes to create your beautifully crafted wrought iron gate. Call one of our advisors now on 01505 – 61542.

Wrought Iron Gate Designs