All Automatic gates require an automatic gate opener device; these are known as automatic gate remotes.  A gate remote is a small device that is carried by the property owner in order to enter and exit their grounds in a more convenient way (from inside a car from a distance). 
The remotes used to open automatic/electric gates is usually a radio remote. Radio remotes are used to control objects from a great distance. A radio remote for automated gates can be easily replicated if broken or lost, this can be done by any professional gate company even if  they didn’t install your automatic gate in the first place.  Duplicating an existing remote is a simple procedure and should not take long to replace. In the mean time, your gate can usually be opened by pressing a button on your intercom inside your property and by entering a code on the intercom keypad from outside. On days when there is a power cut you can open the box with a special key and open the gates manually (always seek advice before carrying out this procedure).
An electric gate remote transmitts a signal when pressed, to start the opening process. There are two types of electric gate openers, hydraulic or electromechanical.
Electromechanical systems

  • The power to operate an electromechanical opener comes from your main electricity supply.
  • These systems can be designed to accommodate both swinging and sliding gates
  • They can be opened manually or through wireless radio transmitter.

Hydraulic systems

  • Hydraulic systems are given this name as they use hydraulic fluids to operate the opening process of the gate.
  • They are very powerful and are usually used for large heavy gates.

These two opening systems are designed for both swinging and sliding gates;
The swinging gate
The swinging gate is the most common type of gate people purchase. A small box is placed on each side of the gate connected to an arm that opens and closes the gates automatically after pressing a button on the remote control.
The sliding gate
The sliding gate is mostly used for wider driveways and commercial purposes as it would be impractical to have such a large swinging out circumference.

Automatic Gate Openers