Electric Automated Gate Openers
Abbey Gates install automated electric gates that range from simple door entry systems to more complex systems that are secure, reliable and convenient.  We can also supply and install automation for existing gates that can be tailored to meet all your needs.  Electric gates are becoming more usual throughout the UK, automated electric gate openers are now available for all kinds of gates, from sliding gates to swing gates. Entrances to our homes become increasingly more important whether it be due to security, safety, controlled access, or to enhance the appearance of your home.
Operation and control of electric gates can be wide ranging with each system being able to open using a variety of controls: radio transmitter (remote controls), digital keypad, key/button operation and video entry system.
We also provide electric gate openers remotes, as well as audio and video entry systems. Our gate automation systems are from reputable gate automation manufacturers, ensuring our electric gates are of the highest quality, utilizing the latest automatic gate technology.
Electric gates offer a range of benefits, not least security. A fully automated gate system will instantly increase the security of your property. It is generally safer to stay inside your car when returning after a late night out, and is definitely warmer, and more comfortable so no more opening those gates in the rain or snow again, just press the remote control and drive in.

Why have automated gates:

  • Control access
  • Security
  • Family and property protection
  • Stop unwanted traffic
  • Reduced risk of theft
  • Privacy
  • Insurance benefits
  • Investment
  • Aesthetics
  • Convenienc

Below ground electric gates are designed to work in damp, below ground level conditions and are a very popular choice as they are long lasting and very reliable.
They are the most discreet electric gate as you are unable to see any armature on the inside of your gates.
Sliding Electric Gates are very useful when there is limited space in an entrance as the Electric Gate Openers take up very little room. If your entrance is on a slope or sharply turns to the left or right then swing gates therefore cannot be fitted.
If extra security is required and the entrance needs to be securely closed off, the sliding automatic gate makes the ideal solution.

Electric Automatic Gates & Intercom Entry Systems