Automatic driveway gates

The benefits of Installing a driveway gate can give your beloved home a great first impression and increase your house value.

The materials used in manufacturing your new gate are very important – galvanized steel is what you are looking for. Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material; therefore, it is rarely damaged and has one of the highest ageing processes out of all building materials

Gorgeous Gates

Finials and metal pickets on the top of your gate will give your gate a more decorative look. You can have gates in your chosen design that make your property beautiful. Designs, colours and sizes can be matched to your desire and we can even work with other designers and landscapers that you have to complement your properties over all style

All metal gates should be galvanized and painted to ensure longevity and durability. Galvanizing metal ensures that the material is rust proof, which can be very advantageous if your area is prone to bad weather. The process of galvanizing is to coat steel, iron and aluminium materials by dipping them in a molten bath of zinc at a very high temperature. After, the dipping process is complete; the zinc will react with oxygen to form zinc oxide, which will then react with carbon dioxide resulting in the creation of zinc carbonate

The metal gate will then look dull and grey; this is when gate manufacturers will paint the gate with waterproof paint. Waterproof paint is often made with a latex, oil or concrete base. These ensure that there is a strong waterproof seal on your gate to protect it from weathering

Security and safety

Security and safety is key in this economy, it is important that we protect all our assets from theft and vandalism. Here are several reasons why a well installed electric driveway gate can benefit your home’s safety:

  • An electric gate closes automatically behind you and they are extremely hard to move without your gate remote or by using your personal bypass key to manually open the gate
  • Steel and iron are extremely strong, robust metals and are extremely hard to break through
  • Electric or automatic gates come with an intercom placed outside the driveway in order for visitors to place a call into your house to get access
  • Children and pets are unable to leave the grounds when the gates are shut automatically
  • An automatic gate will halt immediately if there is any object in its way, protecting people and cars

Convenient and practical

Gate transmitter remotes can have a range of up to 100 metres if required therefore, there is no need to leave your car to open the swing gates. If you lose your gate fob you can easily have it cloned by many gate manufactures. In addition, you can have as many key fobs as you require for your family.

Electric Gates Glasgow – The Benefits