“Will my gates work during bad weather?”. This is one of the most frequently asked questions when someone is purchasing an automatic/electric driveway gate in the UK. The UK, especially Scotland has extreme weather, therefore this question needs to be answered for the benefit of anyone looking to purchase a swinging or sliding gate

You may also be asking, what kind of weather conditions affect the function of electronic gates. Electronic gates are mostly affected by extreme, strong winds, which are rare even in Scotland.  The answer to this question is yes, weather can affect the synchronised opening of the gate, but only if you don’t have a reliable system. Even if you have a reliable system , it is still recommended that during such times of extreme weather, gates should be turned off and manually opened and closed in order to ensure your personal safety and to prevent any accidental damage to vehicles.

Freezing conditions and heavy snow fall can also have an affect on the opening and shutting of gates. Freezing conditions can sometimes freeze gate hinges and only allow them to partially open and close. On the rare occasion that your gate freezes shut, switch the power off, then use a small amount of anti-freeze or WD-40 to help unfreeze the hinges.

Heavy snow fall can restrict your gates automatic  movements as they are weighed down. This is rare however as gates do not often have a large surface area for snow to land, therefore pushing snow off the gate is a simple and effective way of ensuring they open and close properly.

Extreme weather conditions are only apparent in the UK for a few days each year, therefore you wont be inconvenienced on a regular basis by having to manually open and shut your gates. The most important part of this article is the emphasis on safety, please see below for some vital tips;

  • If you are aware of extreme bad weather approaching, always turn off your gates and manually open and close them
  • Never try to open or shut your gates manually without reading instructions and then turning off the power

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Electric Gates in Scotlands Weather