Why install Security Grilles?

Typical instances of Security Grilles might include Door Grilles, Window Grilles, Fixed Grilles, Decorative Grilles and Industrial Grilles. Wherever there is a potential security or safety issue we have a solution.

From the security angle – potential burglars, vandals and arsonists consider windows and doors to be the weakest points of a building and the likeliest means of them gaining entry to your premises. These potential weak points are also the easiest areas to make secure. Security Sliding Grilles, Door Grilles, Window Grilles and Fixed Grilles provide the ideal security solution for your residence, business premises or factory.

All our grilles are custom-made to your measurements and you can be assured that they will be expertly built and fitted with the minimum of disruption to your property or business.

Insurance companies like security grilles – why?

It’s simple, insurance companies consider security grilles one of the best forms of property protection available. The result is less risk to the insurance companies and them having to pay out less, means lower premiums to you! One look and criminals move on to easier pickings. 80% of burglaries are opportunist, so by installing security grilles you are taking away the open window and you making your home more secure.

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