Ditch the fuss and have a tall garden gate designed, manufactured and installed to your specifications by our highly skilled team based in Glasgow,  Scotland. We are also happy to serve all areas in Scotland

Tall garden gates not only look great, but add extra coverage which increases your homes privacy. In Scotland, the decline in our economy have caused crime to increase, therefore protecting our homes from theft is very important. The taller your garden gate is, the less chance you will have of someone trying to climb over and into your property to steal or vandalize

Intercom systems can also be installed to heighten security and privacy. A driveway or side garden gate can have a voice intercom system with a keypad pass code installed. This allows you to speak to whoever is requiring entry to your property from the safety of your own home. Once you have approved of the visitor, you can let them in by the click of a button from inside your house or by going outside and opening the gate.

The benefits of buying tall garden gates:

  • Increased height means increased coverage, ensuring your homes privacy
  • The higher your gate, the harder it is for intruders to enter your property
  • Metal garden gates improve the look of your home and will increase your houses value
  • Our metal garden gates are galvanised to ensure longevity and durability
  • We then paint the gate with a high gloss weather proof finish which can be a colour of your choice
  • Children and pets can play safety behind the gates

Abbeygates has a team of experts in metal fabrication. We design our own gates but can also help you create your bespoke designs. There are many gates in our portfolio that can suit your style, security needs and budget

Call us now to talk to one of our friendly advisors and they will arrange a free call-out on 01294 835294

Tall Garden Gates