All our metal railings can be made to your bespoke requirements, but Abbey Gates portfolio also offers a wide range of different designs to suit every taste and property. We also offer a galvanizing service and a selection of colours for you to choose. Abbey Gates are also experienced in metal railings restoration and our blacksmith would be delighted to help you design your new railings.

A metal railing can serve many purposes, wherever your house is situated in Glasgow. If you live in a rural part of Glasgow then a railing will help to keep animals out of your garden and stop them from damaging your flower beds or vegetable patches. If you live in a more central area of Glasgow then a railing will increase your privacy and lessen the chance of theft or vandalism (especially with a tall garden gate and set of railings).  If your Glasgow home is isolated in a rural area, then a good protective railing may protect you and your household from wind. Perhaps you simply want to enhance the appearance and value of your home, in which case, a railing can certainly achieve this

If you’re after a touch of elegance then look no further than a classic wrought iron railing made by Abbey Gates.  Our railings as well as being for decorative purposes, will help deter burglars. Whilst black is the standard choice of colour for such a fence, we are able to offer you a variety of colour choices along with customized options, galvanizing etc., in order to make sure your new railings fit in perfectly with your property in Glasgow

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Metal Railings & Fencing In Glasgow