At Abbey Gates, we appreciate the beauty of wrought iron, and we use it to create a stunning selection of gates for both residential and commercial properties. However, this strong yet pliable material is perfect for so many applications.

Historical Uses for Wrought Iron

Wrought iron has been used for many centuries, and evidence of this exists all over the UK. In fact, visit any historic building, and you will likely see beautiful fences, gates and railings made from wrought iron that are all still withstanding the test of time.It was also used to create decorative balconies, lamps, and grilles,which can also still be seen today in many locations across the country.

How Wrought Iron is Used Today

These days, wrought iron is still used for decorative purposes; companies such as Abbey Gates still use it to create the most amazing gates, railings and fences. Nevertheless, it has many more uses for both commercial and residential applications.

Garden furniture is often made from wrought iron as it is durable and looks fantastic. In some properties, ornamental staircases are made from wrought iron, usually making these the feature pieces of the building.
Many people also love interior and exterior wall art made from wrought iron, and it is also used to create stunning candelabras and other decorative items such as chandeliers in stately halls. Here at Abbey Gates, we can create stunning sculptures for your garden made from wrought iron, and because of the galvanising process, you do not have to worry about rusting.

Quality Pieces

If you are a lover of wrought iron, then get in touch with us here at Abbey Gates. Whether you want new gates, railings or fences, or a new piece of garden art, we offer a top-quality service with products that are made to last a lifetime.

The Many Uses for Wrought Iron
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