Home security and convenience are very important issues for many. The demands for smart gadgets has increased six-fold in the past year alone. More and more people are investing in gadgets that will help to keep their homes safe from burglars as well as devices that can operate their heating and lighting at the flick of a button

However, recent reports have found that these intelligent security systems can actually be a target for cyber hackers. This news has not stopped people from rushing out to get their hands on the latest technology, though. Demand for products such as smart lighting systems and smart air purifiers have all increased over the past twelve months. 

Making Life Easier

Despite warnings that clever burglars could manipulate smart home security systems by hacking into them and being alerted when homeowners are away, the appetite for gadgets that make life easier has not diminished.
Unlike traditional laptops and computers, which are usually protected with encrypted passwords, many passwords for smart devices are generic and non-encrypted, meaning they are much weaker.
These passwords make it easier for criminals to gain access to the system, and from there they can manipulate data and access bank details. And if hackers can find enough devices to hack into at once, they could threaten to cut off services en masse.

Traditional Home Security Options

While smart devices are an excellent way to protect your home, they do still have their limitations and are obviously open to attack, as highlighted above. Here at Abbey Gates, we suggest that you combine a smart home security system with a more traditional deterrent, such as strong and sturdy gates or roller shutters made from top-quality materials.
Our selection of gates includes electric gates, driveway gates and automatic gates designed to provide added security for you and your home. We offer a first-class service for homes and businesses throughout central Scotland and guarantee customer satisfaction every time. Contact us today for more information on our products and services, or for a competitive quote.


Protect Your Home with a Combination of Old and New Security Measures