Abbey Gates have been creating beautifully crafted gates, railings and sculptures for over 30 years. We have now seen an increase in demand for the purchase and hire of beautiful metal wedding arches in Scotland for inside and outside use. For this reason, we are now adding it to our website as one of our great products and services to make your wedding day extra special

Our arches are made with either steel or wrought iron depending on the style you require. Steel is a strong and durable metal when properly galvanized and coated, it is best used for modern, simplistic arches. Wrought iron is a very strong metal and can be easily manipulated into ornate shapes when heated to the appropriate temperature

After our skilled craftsmen have completed the structure of the arch, the galvanizing process begins. The metal is dipped into a molten zinc bath which ensures the metal is protected from corrosion and accidental damage. The arch is then primed and then painted with a weather proof colour of your choice creating a beautiful focal point for you and your guests to enjoy.

Our wedding arches are delivered and returned by us for free on your special day for only £150 for 24 hour rental.

Our exclusive wedding arches will be delivered and placed by our expert team in Glasgow and it’s surrounding cities, towns and villages. Call 01505 – 615425 or email now to speak to one of our friendly advisors for costs, size, colour etc.

Wedding Arches for Rent