A metal gate with fencing for your home is not only aesthetically pleasing but increases your homes value security and privacy.

Abbeygates supplies a large range of steel, wood and wrought iron metal gate designs to our customers all around Scotland, UK. Our superb design, manufacturing and installing skills allow us to provide our customers with metal gates and fencing that increases the privacy and security of a home.

Presently in Scotland, the crime rate is high and break-ins are common. Therefore it is an excellent idea to help prevent anyone from violating your privacy by entering your grounds to steal or carry out vandalism.

All our gates can be automated as well, this ensures that when you leave your property the gates will open automatically through a metallic sensor for your convenience. Once you have passed through the gates, the system will automatically shut the gates behind you and will require 750 kilos of pressure to open these ensuring security and privacy. It is not easy for anyone else to get in and out the gate manually apart from you, this is because you will be given a personalized key to open and shut the gate easily.

So why choose our products and services?

  • Increase your homes style, privacy and security
  • Our expert craftsmen have had from 25 to 30 years experience in the fabrication industry
  • We have a wide range of wrought iron, wooden and steel metal designs
  • We are also experts in automating gates for your convenience, safety and privacy
  • We offer a free call-out service where we will measure and quote you a price
  • We do everything ourselves which means you don’t have to hire other contractors to design, manufacture, paint and install your gates and railings

Call one of our friendly advisors now on 01294835294 or email us at info@abbeygates.co.uk for prices, arranging a call-out or just for general information about metal fabrication.

Metal Gates and Fencing Increase Privacy